The Cinderella Solution Review: It is a SCAM (Evidence Inside)

The Cinderella Solution, created in October 2017, is a weight loss program designed exclusively for women. According to its author Carly Donovan, this program contains a ‘female fat-loss code’ that enabled her to lose 84 pounds and regain her youth. According to her, doctors ‘recently discovered’ a ‘female-only fault line’ which is responsible for the uncontrollable weight gain women experience from their early 20s onward … and she had that experience and nearly died as a result. But thankfully, she was able to survive and discover The Cinderella Solution ‘only a couple hours later.’

Well just as its name suggests, the Cinderella Solution is a weight loss program based on fairy tales … and you shouldn’t believe any of it! In this review I’m going to expose this product for what it really is: A well thought out phony program full of inconsistencies, lies and deceit!

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