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We know how hard it can be to start keto alone but have a family. Having to cook 2 or 3 different meals for dinner can become a lot of work.

That is why I put together this list of 5 keto kid approved recipes that you can make for dinner and relieve some of that pain of figuring out dinner for the night

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#1 Keto Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Full Recipe @ Lazy Girl Tips

This keto grilled cheese is made with 90 second keto bread and is exactly how a grilled cheese should taste. Make this for the kids after school and see how they enjoy it.

#2 Keto Snickers Bar

Full Recipe @ HungryForInspiration

These keto snickers bars are so delicious and they taste just like their carb filled version.

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#3 Keto Fried Chicken

Full Recipe @ Joy Filled Eats

This is by first the best keto fried chicken Recipe you will ever find.

#4 Keto Pizza Roll Ups

Full Recipe @ Stylish Cravings

These keto pizza roll ups are the perfect after school lunch for your kids. It takes the flavor and ingredients, minus the carbs and forms a great keto snack.

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#5 Keto Bacon & Cheese Egg Bites

Full Recipe @ Hungry Six

This keto Recipe is the perfect recipe to make for your kids in the morning before school.its filled with cheese and bacon making it a kid favorite.

Hope you enjoyed these 5 keto approved recipes and get to try them all out.

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