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Anyone woman who wants to meet their weight loss goals can tell you that there are a ton of plans out there to choose from. There are some that tell you to cut down on calories. Some make you eat only their packaged food. Others instruct you to go carb-free or go vegan. Very few manage to combine diet and exercise into one useful weight loss plan.

The Cinderella Solution System can do just this. According to the plan’s creator, Carly Donovan, if you follow The Cinderella Solution System’s instructions, you’ll not only lose weight, but you’ll begin to tone up the areas of your body that need it the most.

What Is The Cinderella Solution System?
The Cinderella Solution System is a plan that combines weight loss with very particular exercises. These exercises aren’t cardio in nature. Instead, they are very specific muscle-targeting ones that go after the areas of the body where most women want to lose weight. Notably, the exercises described in The Cinderella Solution System go after belly fat, the butt, and the hips.

According to the creator of The Cinderella Solution System, Carly Donovan, there are three hormones that are responsible for a woman’s weight gain which she has dubbed the “I.C.E. dysfunction.” Apparently, when women are in their 20s, these hormones are the most functional. This is why women that age have no problem eating whatever they want and not gaining any weight in return. When you get older, those hormones have less of an effect or the body simply makes less of them. As a result, that former weight loss becomes weight gain. The Cinderella Solution System was created in response to this.

Who Should Follow The Cinderella Solution System Weight Loss Plan?

According to the website for The Cinderella Solution System, this weight loss and exercise plan is designed for women over the age of 30 who want to lose more than ten pounds. It works by re-starting a set of three hormones responsible for regulating the metabolism. These hormones are what kept women in their 20s in the habit of not worrying about weight loss. Once they grew older, those hormones went out of balance, slowing down the metabolism. If you’re female, over the age of 30, and want to get your metabolism and hormones back into balance, then The Cinderella Solution System weight loss and exercise plan are for you.

What Can You Eat On The Cinderella Solution System?
The Cinderella Solution System doesn’t restrict your diet. You won’t have to follow any specific calorie counting rituals or eat only packaged food. Instead, when developing this weight loss plan, Carly Donovan studied women in other countries – but not just any other countries. She specifically looked at countries like:

She found that the women in these countries used something called food pairings. This quickly became the main idea behind The Cinderella Solution System. These food pairings involved eating a starchy food like pasta or bread along with a secret food or type of seasoning or spice that led to weight loss. Donovan used this as the basis for The Cinderella Solution System. When she initially followed these food pairings, she lost 9 pounds very quickly. Apparently, the combination of them reset what she called “weight-loss hormones.” This led to The Cinderella Solution System.

There really is no specific diet to follow, except for these food pairings. Designing your meals around them will help you achieve your weight loss goals. When this is combined with the exercises described in The Cinderella Solution System, you’ll lose weight.

What Are The Benefits Of The Cinderella Solution System?

The Cinderella Solution System utilizes a number of food pairing in order to help you meet your weight loss goals.
You won’t have to follow any type of restrictive food diets. For example, you won’t have to go completely carb-free.
The Cinderella Solution System also includes an exercise plan that targets the areas of the body where most women want to lose inches and gain muscle tone.
This exercise plan was developed by a fitness instructor.

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