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Here are 5 keto Chaffle recipes you will fall in love with. These Chaffle recipes will give you that bread feeling with out the carbs.

If you don’t know what a Chaffle is, it is the latest keto craze. A Chaffle is basically a waffle made out of cheese and eggs.

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#1 Keto Chocolate Recipe

Full Recipe @ Keto Focus

This Chaffle may be basic compared to others in this list, buttons a great keto recipe to have when you are craving chocolate.

#2 Keto Sausage & Gravy Chaffle

Full Recipe @ Kasey Trenum

This keto Chaffle Recipe is perfect when you want some down south home cooking, but want to stay keto.

#3 Keto Pizza Chaffle

Full Recipe @ Kasey Trenum

Not being able to have bread on keto makes a Chaffle the perfect base for pizza.

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#4 Chaffle Big Mac

Full Recipe @ That Low Carb Life

This is a great keto version of the Big Mac, you will love it.

#5 Keto Taco Chaffle

Full Recipe @ Kasey Trenum

Sometimes these recipes can be really creative, this is one of those times. It may sound weird, but it is delicious.

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